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Earthquake Monitor

Could Quantum 'Time Pockets' Account For EVP Recordings?

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Could Quantum 'Time Pockets' Account For EVP Recordings?

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:10 pm

The often eerie electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) usually associated with ghosts or a disembodied alternate dimensional spirit world, may sometimes be caused by permutations in space time that physicists have not yet defined: Time pockets.

Voices from the ether
The history of EVP goes back almost as far a sound recordings. Thomas Edison even speculated about communicating with the dead and quite a controversy erupted when a device called the PsychoPhone purported to use Edison technology to speak with those who had passed into the great beyond.

Controversial PsychoPhone allegedly worked on by Edison
Today, professional parapsychologists and paranormal investigators use sophisticated digital technology to record disembodied voices that seem to lurk about cemetaries and buildings said to be haunted.
Countless examples of EVP recordings, many by self-styled "investigators" have been uploaded to Youtube. More professional examples of EVP recordings can be heard on regional radio shows that focus on the paranormal, and of course the grandaddy of all such shows: the inimitable Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM radio show now hosted by George Noory.

The doomed and the damned?
While some of the amateur recordings may be hoaxes, many are not. The questions that must be asked are: What are these snippets of unearthly voices? Are these truly recordings of entities bridging the chasm between life and the afterlife? Are the recordings really eavesedropping on the dead and (not so) departed? Are these actually the voices of lost spirits dispossessed of their corporeal beings doomed and damned to wander the highways and byways of a mostly disbelieving world?
Are those voices that seem to respond to researchers' questions the vestiges of former people reaching across the unknown void?
Yet some entities that are heard to voice non-sequitors may simply be trapped audio, recorded within the matrix of time: phrases or words that tend to repeat themselves under the right conditions…tenuous sound vibrations captured by electronic ears that operate differently than the biological audio-brain sensors that humans posess.

Artistic, computer-generated concept of a time pocket
Associated phenomena: Time traps and spacetime loops
The phenomena of repetion can be detected with certain EVP recordings, as well as actual audio-visual "hauntings."
Evidence exists that the real physics of space-time often is the foundation of many auditory and visual anomalies crossing from one reality to another. These aberrations of time are like invisible eddies or whirpools that act as energy recordings capturing an event and replaying it over and over at sporadic intervals.
Such phenomena are manifested as time loops or traps Literally pockets of time.

Some places seem to harbor time pockets
Time is affected by gravity waves and permutations. Intersections of hyper-dimensions between this reality and others may create random folds, ripples or creases in the universal space-time continuum.
Sightings of spectral spirits are similar to recordings of some EVPs. The imprinted information repeats; some information repeats regularly, others repetitions are unpredictable.
Witnesses have encountered such phenomena throughout history. During modern times some manifestations have been recorded, photographed, filmed or videotaped.
One very famous paranormal phenomenon that supports the theory of an event recorded within the matrix of time is the ongoing chanting of long-dead monks heard at the Beaulieu Abbey in the United Kingdom.

The chanting monks of Beaulieu Abbey
Although chanting monks are heard within the walls of the famous abbey of Beaulieu, England, no monks have occupied the abbey since 1538.
The phenomenon of the singing monks has been recorded. The chanting lasts from five to 20 minutes. Each time the singing is exactly the same, as if a recording is being played back.
In a sense, a recording is being made of a recording.

Grounds of the mysterious Beaulieu cloistered abbey
During the hundreds of years monks lived in the abbey, their prayerful chant became embedded into the fabric of space-time surrounding the abbey grounds.
Their chants are heard despite the fact no monks have inhabited the ancient abbey for almost 500 years. With some exceptions, the ghostly singing has been heard just before or after sunrise. The chanting is quite easy to hear.

Evidence suggests that the recorded chanting is separate from current space-time. When the right conditions are met (probably the exact same conditions that were present when the space-time impression was created), the embedded auditory phenomenon is replayed.

Further investigation merited
The phenomena of time pockets should be studied, analyzed, and replicated. The chanting of the monks, and other paranormal occurrences like it, might help to reveal astounding new principles of physics and the very essence of what space-time is and how it actually works.
Determining exactly how events such as these are naturally imprinted upon the fabric of space-time could well provide greater insight into the mysteries of time, the twists and turns of quantum reality, and the so far elusive nature of parallel universes.

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